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Own pieceSimplexity 2022​ (will release collective album in 2024) on Violin and Sounds

                     HachiRen (solo EP, 2021) on Violin 

                     8 million gods in a house (collective album, 2021) on various Sounds

                     OTOMI (collective album, 2018) on Violin and Sounds



Apartment House / Morton Feldman / Violin and String Quartet (CD 2022) on Violin 

                                  Magnus Granberg / Evening Star, Vesper Bell (CD 2022) on Violin 

                                  Pauline Oliveros / Sound Pieces (CD 2022) on Violin 

                                  Kerry Young / Codex Vivere (CD 2021) on Violin 

                                  Kory Reeder / Codex Vivere (CD 2021) on Viola

                                  John Lely / Meander Selection (CD 2020) on Viola

                                  John Cage / Number Pieces (CD 2020 - 2021) on Violin ...etc...

ARCO / MenCon (2022, album "HyperRomantic' will release in 2024)

               Private Parties (impro album 2020)

               Rechtschaffen and Kales (impro album, 2019)

Ensemble Modern / Peter Eötvös/ Patricia Kopatchinskaja / Ligeti Violin Concerto (CD 2012) on Viola

                                  E.M. and Eötvös had premiered the five movement Violin Concerto in 1992 

                               Received The Gramophone Classical Music Awards on this recording in 2013

                                  Bernhard Gander / Take Death (LP 2016) on Viola


​etc etc...

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