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I began my musical journey at the age of 8 months with copying violin playing with two chopsticks before I could even walk/talk. 

At the age of 9, I wrote "I want to master Music". I chose especially music and violin as a tool for exploring human, space, time and sounds.

As my first name Chihiro's "智尋"meaning is "searching for wisdom", I am on that journey since. 

@ Sabrina Dallot-Seguro

Born in Chiba/Japan, Chihiro Ono is a London based Japanese violinist (also plays viola and baroque violin) and sound artist. Specialising in Music, such as baroque, classical, contemporary, new, experimental folkloric and noise, improvisation, Field recording and sound art.

She has been performing on stage and broadcasted on media as a solo chamber musician at major festival and venues, working with esteemed experimental / classical ensembles and composers such as Ensemble Modern, Apartment House, ARCO, CHROMA, Ligeti String Quartet, London Mozart Players, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, G.Aperghis, B.Ferneyhough, H.Lachemann, S.Reich and more.


Since 2018, alongside performing in arts on stage, Chihiro’s work as a sound artist has led to her collaborating with artists and organisations in various genres, and producing works for live-performance, radio, film and theatre. 


Her creative work draws on influences from a rich variety of repertoires, encompassing folklore, field recording, improvisation, Western and Eastern musical/theatrical methods, elements, techniques and philosophies with the extremely strong vision/s on sounds.

I play J.B.Guadagnini 1766 (violin), A.Guastalla 1920 (viola) and J.Pawlikowski 2008 (baroque violin).

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