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selection of MeetingPoint 2019

Digital Album on Improvisation released from Roam/London as ARCO

15 December 2019

on violin 

Silent film (Buster Keaton) tour in Schwiez

14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22 and 24 December 2019

on Violin (Orchestra, Lead section), and hiking!

Workshop for Students in Composition at Royal Holloway University 

as CHROMA trio (pf,cl,va) in UK

December 2019

on Viola 

Experimental Musical Theatre as ARCO at Horse Hospital in London/UK

15 November 2019

On Violin I assume...again, we will see...

Experimental Music radio show as ARCO at Resonance FM in London/UK

12 November 2019

On violin and voice/talk (!)

Classical Music / Artist in Residence series III in Akasaka/Tokyo/Japan

23 October 2019

"Mad Tea Party" on "Sounds and Colour" on solo Violin solo

Classical Music / Artist in Residence series II in Shodo-shima/Japan

13 - 17 October 2019

...join in their Japanese Traditional Festival/Omatsuri!

Classical Music / Artist in Residence series I in Chiba/Japan

12 October 2019 = CANCELLED @ Thyphoon HAGIBIS

"Mad Tea Party" on "Sounds and Colour" on Violin solo

Contemporary Music as Apartment House at Sacrum Profanum in Krakow/Poland

28 September 2019

on Violin (String Quartet)

Classical Music in London 

17 September 2019 

on Violin (String Ensemble, Co-lead)

Classical/Romantico Music at Prussia Cove OCM in Penzance

8-15 September 2019

Mozart and Dvorak on Violin (String Quartet)

Classical Music in Schweiz 

August 2019

on Violin (Orchestra, Lead), and Mountain hiking

Experimental Theatre as ARCO in London 

27 July 2019

on Violin and Tools...I assume.

Contemporary and Impro Music at nonclassical in London 

25 July 2019

C.Ono KaleidoTunnel, Impro and B.Ferneyhough Intermedio, on Violin Solo

Classical and Contemporary Music with Neil Georgeson (pf) in London 

15 July 2019

on Violin

20c Classical Music as CHROMA in London 

3,5 July 2019

on Viola/Banjo?

Contemporary et Experimental Music

with Loré Lixenberg (vo) and Anton Lukoszevieze (vc) in Cambridge

30 June 2019

on Violin

Opera in Schweiz

22,23,25 June 2019

on Violin (Orchestra) and Mountain hiking

The first live performance of my "Kaleido Tunnel" at Musicity press event

4 June 2019

on Violin Solo 

Baroque and Contemporary Music in Notting Hill London 

3 June 2019

"Solo in London churches" on Violin Solo

My geo-located piece "Kaleido Tunnel" open for public from Musicity in London

1 June 2019

on Violin Solo mit Field recording 

Baroque and Contemporary Music in Schweiz

18,19 May 2019

on Violin (Chamber Ensemble) 

Lecture at Gresham College as Squib-box with Tom Service in London 

13 May 2019

on Violin Solo

Classical and Romantico Music in Schweiz

26-28April and 2-5May 2019

on Violin (Chamber Ensemble)

Baroque and Contemporary Music in Schweiz

22,24 and 31 March, and 6 April 2019

on Violin (Chamber Ensemble), and Mountain hiking

9,14,16 March 2019

on Viola (Single Instruments Ensemble)

29 January 2019 

on Violin (String Quartet)

Baroque Music in Schweiz

13 January 2019 

on Violin (Single Instruments Ensemble, Lead), and Debut on Ski de Fond!

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