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selection of MeetingPoint 2020

The world's first opera in hyper reality (combine with VR with a multi-sensory set) was premiered by/at the Royal Opera House in London/U.K..

​on viola as CHROMA @Dec20

" 智尋の音処  / Chihiro Ono " on note started (in Japanese only). 


"・智尋の音処 ・ChihirOnoOto " on YouTube started.


Second digital album on Improvisation released from squib-box/London as ARCO

on violin @17th October 20

Live streaming performance of Theatrical plays "Hiroshima" and "Nagasaki"

in London

in Charge and Performance of Music on violin solo @ 6 and 9 August 

World Premiered a short experimental film in London

as a sound artist - my 25 years long dream project!  on sound art @ 30 July 20

​Remote Impro live-performance with ARCO in London, Iklectic 

on violin @ 25 June 20

Live-performance for MakeMusicDayU.K.​ in London

J.S.Bach P3Gavotte and ​my piece "Little Golden Blue" on violin solo (June2020) premiered ​and performed @ 21 June 2020

 Collective piece by ARCO premiered by Neil Luck on Radio in London, Resonance FM

 on sound art @ 1 May 2020

​Into Covid19 time

in London/U.K. ​from 23 March 2020 onwards

Concert on Folk and Classical music as CHROMA in UK

on violin et viola @ 12 March 2020

Solo Experimental sounds artist debut at Resonance FM All-Star Avant-Gala in London

My set "a brief summary of 1120 years, in 20 minutes" (2020) on violin+feild recording premiered @ 12 February 2020 

Concert on Experimental music as Apartment House at cafe Oto in London

on violin @ 1 February 2020 

Duo recital on Romantico music with Philip Mead (pf) in Cambridge/UK 

on violin @ 1 January 2020 

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