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Royal College of Music - Master of Music in Advanced Performance (Distinction)

Guildhall School of Music and Drama - Postgraduate Artist Diploma on AIS (Advanced Instrumental Studies - Intensive course for Soloists)

Toho Gakuen School of Music - B.Mus (Hons) 

Toho Gakuen Music High School 

Broadcasted on

BBC Radio3Resonance FM (UK)

Bartok Radio (Hungary)

SWR (Germany)

NHK (Japan)


Mentor, Influenced by and Interested in…


Kenji Kobayashi (violinist), Andras Keller (violinist), Ferenc Rados (pianist),

Fumio Koizumi (ethnomusicologist)

Physics (e.g. quantum), Sciences (e.g. brain, social, geo/politics), Philosophy (e.g. Tao, Nietzsche), Arts (e.g. architect, design, antiques, choreography, cinematography, photography), Traditions (e.g. mythology, methodology, folkloric, techniques, skills),

Music (e.g. Noh, Gagaku, Gamelan, Kecak, Folk songs/chant, Flamenco, Jazz, Improvisation, Field recording, Sonic memories, Sounds), Stillness, Silence and Ma


Making/Drawing, Reading, Searching, Studying, Taking Photographs (by my mobile only, see Insta!), Being in Silence and Ma, Nature and Hiking Mountains

Own Project

"SOLO in Bar, Tokyo" series 2000 - 2019

(lecture recital series with violin alone) 

"SOLO in London Churches" series 2003 - 2017

(solo recital series with violin/viola) 

"Mad Tea Party" series since 2017 

(lecture recital on art/history of music, with violin alone) 

Workshop, Produce and Create since 2012

(musical performances/activities in outside/inside)


Perform/ed, Work/ed at/with

as a Soloist, Leader, Co-Leader, Section Leader, Tutti, SoundArtist

ARCO: New/Experimental music/theatre group (London)

Apartment House: Contemporary/New/Experimental music ensemble (London)

Anjali: Dance (U.K)

BittersuitesDance group (London/N.Y.)

CHROMA: Baroque/Classical/Contemporary music ensemble (London)

Cohen Ensemble: Classical chamber ensemble (London)

Ensemble Modern: Contemporary music ensemble (Germany)

​Forced EntertainmentExperimental theatre (U.K.) 

hr-sinfonieorchester: Symphony orchestra (Germany)

London Mozart Players: Classical music chamber orchestra (London)

Les Jardins Musicaux: Classical music symphony orchestra (Schweiz)

Ligeti String Quartet: String quartet (London) ​

Musicity: Sound art (London)

Musique Des Lumieres: Baroque music ensemble (Suisse)

Ossian: Contemporary music group (London)

Opera Project: Opera Production company (UK)
Phaedra: Contemporary music ensemble (London)

Riot Ensemble: Contemporary music group (London)

Royal Opera House for Young composer/artist scheme (London) 

Squib-Box: Artist collectives on Experimental music (London)

Tokyo Symphony Orchestra: Classical music Symphony orchestra (Japan)


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