​Chihiro ONO

​Selection of MeetingPoint 2022.

​Oratorio / Dead Cat Bounce @ Somerset House in London 

@ Thurs 14 July

​as a viola player and a musical collaborator

​Baroque / Pop / Experimental music 

@ Thurs 7 July

​as a violinist with electronic 

Experimental music 

​SanBonYa trio @ Iklektic in London

@ Wed 29 June

​as a violinist with electronic 

Experimental music

​Workshop at Nottingham High School 

@ June

​as a violinist / Ligeti String Quartet

​Classical contemporary music 

​Chamber music Lunchtime Concert @ Imperial College in London 

Live performance @ Thurs 9 June  

​as a violinist with CHROMA

​Classical music 

HYPERROMANTIC / MenCon / Mendelssohn Violin Concerto ​@ Cafe OTO in London 

Live performance @ Sun 22 May 

​as a soloist ​with ARCO 

​Classical / Experimental music

MenCon / Mendelssohn Violin Concerto ​in Canterbury

Live performance @ Thur 19 May 

​as a soloist ​with ARCO and the Free Range Orchestra

​Classical / Experiemental music 

Nonclassical x RNCM PRiSM x Chihiro Ono

! I was awarded the commission to work with AI / PRiSM / RNCM for a new piece !

​My new piece will be premiered at NC/Associate Composer/Simon Knighton’s curated event in this September. 

​New music

! postpone ! ​

SanBonYa trio @ Iklectik in London

Live performance @ Wed 6 April

​as a violinist with electronic

​Experimental music 

Workshop for Composers at Royal HollowayUniversity of London 

as a viola player of CHROMA ensemble @ March

​Classical contemporary music 

Workshop for Composers at Nottingham High School

as a viola player / Ligeti String Quartet @ Feb

​Classical music 

Duo Chihiro Ono x Iain Chambers  @ Iklectik in London 

Live performance only @ Wed 23 Feb

a violin and viola with analog synths (Iain)

​Experimental music

​Solo Violin set with Field recording and Ring Modular @ Barbican Centre in London 

Live performance only @ Sun 20 Feb

as a violinist with electronic tools 

​Experimental music 

​Edo Frenkel "Quietus est" for voice and violin @ Royal Opera House in London

Live Concert performance @ Mon 7 Feb 

as a violinist 

​Classical contemporary music