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selection of MeetingPoint 2018

Orchestra - Baroque Music

in Schweiz

7, 9 December 

Schumann Violin Concerto - Classical Music

28 Nov 2018

String Quartet - Classical Music


06 Nov 2018

in London

on V.Williams, Faure etc

"Solo in London Churches" - Baroque to Noise

24 Oct 2018

in London

MasterClass on Chamber Music Players - Classical Music

in France

14 - 20 October

MasterClass on Conductors - Classical Music

in Schweiz

4 - 7 October 

Orchestra - Classical to Contemporary Music

27 Sep 2018

in Schweiz

on Schubert, New born pieces etc 

CHROMA on Opera Cendrillon - Classical Music

in London

Chamber Music - Classical Music

07 Sep 2018

in Schweiz

on Beethoven Septet, Schubert Octet

in France

29 July to 4 August

Prokofiev Violin Concerto No.2 - Classical Music

04 Jul 2018

in London

on K.Volans, N.Luck etc

Chamber Music - Classical Music

23 Jun 2018

on Schubert SQ etc

Beethoven Violin Concerto - Experimental Music

13 May 2018

Workshop and Performance in York University

16 May 2018

Purcell Room in London

on Shoenberg etc

02 May 2018

in London

on M.Monk, D.Lang etc

Debut as a Composer - Experimental Music

03 Mar 2018

Beethoven Violin Concerto etc.

The Radio was on-air till 1st April 2018.

Orchestra - Classical Music

in Schweiz


on Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn etc

Artist in Residence Series V - Classical Music

10 Feb 2018

Duo Rectial with Philip Mead in Cambridge

on Clara Schumann, Faure, Brahms

Artist in Residence Series IV - Folksong to Contemporary Music

03 Feb 2018

"Mad Tea Party" in Chiba, Japan

Artist in Residence Series III - Folksong and Contemporary Music

01 Feb 2018

"Mad Tea Party" in Tokyo

In this "Artist in Residence Series II to IV", with Solo Lecture Recital "Mad Tea Party" concept,

I talk about a Japanese folk song, which links between Japan and Europe in many ways.

Artist in Residence Series II - Folksong to Contemporary Music

"Mad Tea Party" and Workshops in Shodo-shima, Japan

25-27 January 

Artist in Residence Series I - Classical Music

01 Jan 2018

New Year Viennese Concert in Cambridge

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