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selection of MeetingPoint 2017

Artist in Residence Series I in Cambridge

Concerts, MasterClass, Workshop

​Loads of Strauss and Kreisler in Concert, MasterClass and Workshop

on 2nd and 3rd January 2017

Phaedra Ensemble in London

20 Jan 2017

Artist in Residence Series II in Shodo-Shima, Japan

29th, and 30th (in a Primary School with MasterClass) in January 2017

Artist in Residence Series III in Chiba, Japan

04 Feb 2017

"Mad Tea Party" 2

Artist in Residence Series IV in Akasaka, Tokyo

09 Feb 2017

"Mad Tea Party" 3

​This "Mad Tea Party" programme was...Biber, Ysaye, Cage, Scelsi, Kurtag, Ferneyhough, Steen-Andersen and Bach.

23 Feb 2017

Duo Performance with Neil Luck

​...A "Fresh from Oven" master piece!

Phaedra Ensemble in London

Artist in Residence Series V in Cambridge

10 Mar 2017

A Talk

​...on my life...

Artist in Residence Series VI in Cambridge

11 Mar 2017

Solo Portrait Receital on Solo Violin and Viola

​Celano, Biber, Bach, Vieustemps, Ysaye, Cage, Scelsi, Fernyhough, Ligeti, Kurtag and Improvisation on the day 

(Some of this recital's live recording on this site). 

09 May 2017

Experimental Music Theatre

​Making and Performing a "Fresh from Oven" Opera 

03 Jun 2017

Performance and Improvisation with Dancers

​Come to Royal Academy of Arts Courtyard!

Improvisation in London

06 Jul 2017

Improvisation on Solo Violin, mit A Dancer and Video

Royal Opera House Ballet and Opera for Kids in U.K.

Swan Lake and Magic Flute (excerpts) on a Quartet/Trio

​9th to 15th July 

Opera "ID Please"

Artist in Residence Series VII in Cubertou, France

​30th July to 5 August - I will be playing with you!

Festival Orchestra in Suisse

​I will be Suisse in whole August...Mountain Hiking time! 

11 Sep 2017

Opera - Salieri "The School of Jealousy"

Opera in Suisse

27,29,30 Sep and 1Oct

Beethoven Concerto in London

​...With Vieuxtemps', and My own Cadenza (inspired by Mendelssohn's "Ist es Wahr?" and Beethoven's "Muss es Sein?"). 

Solo in London Churches Series

J.S.Bach Sonata 3 and B.Ferneyhough InterMedio

Visual Art Performance

20 Nov 2017


21 Nov 2017

23Nov as hr-SinfonieOrchester 

24Nov as Ensemble Modern 

Beethoven Meets US (Squib and CRAM) in London

I will perform the entire Beethoven Concerto with all my cadenza again, with magnifique Avant-garde improvisers.

Festival Orchestras in Suisse

​Décembre in Suisse. See you there?

ARCO in London

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