​Chihiro ONO

What is musician for? 


As an active classical violinist, and avoiding the typical answer of "communicate and share", I will write three answers for this question today. 

One is using the musical skills (simply be able to play the instrument) for entertaining the other human and oneself. The next one is using the highly educated musical skills to give a re-birth of someone’s “thoughts” which is already well-composed on paper, into the present of our time and space to entertain the other human and oneself. The last one is, while keep giving a re-birth of someone’s thoughts with the highly educated various musical skills and knowledges, start making and experimenting own mass of chaos to create/shape the new discoveries, and willing to share it for entertaining the other human and oneself.

Very human, like Beethoven. 

I decided letting myself be free on the third option, the “Beethoven option”. Probably it is the most selfish option that Beethoven had started in the classical musician industry, but it is the most "very human" activity in humanity.

Very, very human.


...We live only once, and the world is full of mysteries.

So why not be human properly, modestly and sensitively?

@ 2020

Sounds are vocabularies, and Music is a language, which has various types. It is for all of us, without any boundaries.


The origin of music is that it resonates, touches and speaks to our heart directly, be with us for that moment.


Why music? Because it is a fascinating multi tool, so as violin is.

Music is the oldest communication tool for humans, that has been with us from the very beginning of our life on 

this Earth. By this tool, we think we can communicate with the others and yourselff, and change a perspective of the whole existence. By being actively dedicated to music, you can learn and discover many things of human 

more than you imagine. One of the most enjoyable mysteries I enjoy is seeing shapes, lines and colours when I hear music.

Why do crossover in music? Because I am a curious human being. 

I am very obsessed with sounds, e.g. sound shape of the note/s, direction of the phrase, space between sounds.

It is a kind of nightmare, because I have never feeling relaxed with music or sounds. Also creating music or making noise with sounds means a life-form needs to express something with soul, to the others. So every single note/sound has a meaning. I would like to understand what is all about. Endless ambitious.


Music speaks out

when you experience the sounds in that particular moment of your life.                                                       @2022

Sound is the present, Music is the past. @2022

​Music is all about timing.  @2019

Space + Time + Sounds = Emotions / cutie Particles! @2015

I treat all individual sounds

as like they are one of the Yaoyorozu-no-kami (8 million gods). @2018

 Power of Deep Listening 

For majority of us, a fact appears only there when you see it, and every results has to appear visually at a front of your eyes as quickly as possible. Yes, the visual information is very crucial. But how about the informations you get from ears? 

Listening is an essential ability for animals. We use it actively from the very beginning and till the very end of our lives. We cannot "switch off" it by oneself. In addition, animals even have the ability to heal themselves if their hearing system is damaged (unfortunately humans do not).

It is also a very essential tool for surviving ones life. Animals stop their another activities when it needs, to focus on Listening to get the best result for next move in everyday life. The (active) Deep Listening emphasises things that need to be recognised, to get the better results in action.

Nowadays it looks like human has lost these sensitive side of Listening. It became just “Hearing” - a passive action, which never produce any outcomes by itself. In this sense, Plato’s comment “music is luxury" became a truth. Also this is a starting point of creating many careless actions to the others, and yourself. In the result, majority of us lost our sensibility towards to each other, our lives and our planet.

I think if we use our abilities maximum sensitively and modestly, like the rest of animals, this planet did not get the state we are on now.


Since 80s, tech is working hard on “Deep Learning” on AI to speed up the actions focusing on Whats and Hows. The result (or the process) we see now is incredible. Why not making us/human do "Deep Learning" on Deep Listening? I think Deep Listening will lead us to think Whys, and I think "thinking Whys" makes human more human.


Lastly, this “Deep Listening” helps our inner life be richer as a human, which makes our lives easier in many ways on this planet.     ...I think.

@ 2020

Our new normal/covid life is certainly driving my life mad and experimental more than ever before, and giving me new perspectives on things ever since...

..it is a Funny wonder-full life.


​Arts are Knowledge. @2020

2020 has been my 20 years in London. 20 years ago I had a culture (difference) shock. In the end of 2020 now, I am having a bigger culture shock in London (where the hottest spot of the new-type of covid started).

I finally understand I am a (totally and pure-est) Japanese after all. Took me this years long to get this simple result - I miss "Ma/間", where fragile yet strongest beauty exists in.