​Chihiro ONO

Performance Theatre 

Herakles (2015), Selected Poems (2016), Clubcb (2016), New Pro Oracles (2016), The Corpse in Context (2016), Screen Tests/Creative Reality Solutions (2017), Ritual (2017), Live Guy, Dead Guy (2017), Imaginary solution (2020), Melting ceremony  (2022) above all @ Neil Luck / ARCO

Hiroshima and Nagasaki / Michael Mears (2020), Heartbreaking Final / Tim Etchells / 

Forced Entertainment (2021), Dead Cat bounce / Waste Paper Opera (2022) 

Bee(thoven Violin Concerto)  (2017), MenCon (Mendelssohn Violin Concerto) (2022)​

With Dancers

Anjali / Aya Kobayashi / UK,  Will Tuckett / CHROMA / UK, Bittersuites / Phaedra / UK, Royal Opera House / CHROMA and Phaedra / UK, Double Septet / Maud Blandel / CH 

Arty Work with...

ARCO, Klara Kofen/Film, MSCTY, Neil Luck, nonclassical, Squib-box, National Portrait Gallery, Tate, Tom Service, Vocaloid/Hatsune Miku, V&A Museum,


Improvisation with...

Adam de la Cour, Benedict Taylor, Christian Forshaw, Federico Reuben, Hyelim Kim, Iain Chambers, Neil Luck, Samuel Rice, Takeshi Matsumoto, Tom Jackson, Torbjorn Hultmark, Young In Hong