​Chihiro ONO

Random repertoire collection since 2013

VIOLIN Solo on Modern / Baroque 

G.Kurtag: Signs, Games and Messages, P.Boulez: Anthemes1 pour violin seule,  G.Scelsi:Divertimento No.3, M.Feldman: For Aaron Copland, G.F.Haas: de terrae fine, F.Say: Cleopatra, S.Steen-Andersen: Study for String Instrument, I.Xenakis Mika, B.Ferneyhough: Intermedio alla ciaccona, O.Knussen Secret Psalm, A.Piazzolla: Tango Etudes, P.Max.Davies: Mrs Linklater’s Tune, V.Barkauskas: Partita, E.Ysaye: 6 sonatas, J.S.Bach: 3 Sonatas and 3 Partitas for solo violin, J.G.Pisendel: Sonata for violin solo in a minor, J.P.v.Westhoff: Suites for solo violin, H.I.F.Biber: The Guardian Angel, N.Luck and C.Ono Phantasy, C.Ono ​HachiRen a suite for solo violin



G.Scelsi:Manto I, B.A.Zimmermann:Sonata fur Viola solo, G.Ligeti:Sonata for viola solo, H.Vieuxtemps:Capriccio



Beethoven (Own Cadenza), J.Brahms (Own Cadenza), Mendelssohn (Own little Cadenzas), TchaikovskySchostakovich 1, Sibelius, Prokofiev 2, Schumann, Chausson for violin, piano and string quartet op.21


G.Benjamin:Viola Viola on viola II, A.Schnittke:MOZ-ART for 2 Violins on violin II, S.Prokofiev: Soanta for 2 violins on both vn op.56, P.Hindemith: 2 Duets for cl and violin, B.Bartok: Romanian Dance for vn&pf, Sonata No.1 for vn&pf, M.Ravel: Tzigane for vn&pf, B.Smetana: Aus Der Heimat for cv&pf, K.Kishi: Tsuki and Hanami for vn&pf, G.Enescu: Violin Soanta No.3 in a op.25 for vn&pf, Konzertstuke fur viola&pf, L.v.Beethoven: Violin Sonatas, J.Brahms: Violin Sonatas, Clara Schumann: Three Romances op.22 for vn&pf, G.Faure:Romance op.28, C.Vivier Piece for vn&pf, K.Stockhausen Sonatine Nr.8/1 for vn&pf, L.Boulanger Cortege, B.Furrer lied for vn&pf, A.Webern Vier Stucke for vn&pf, G.Kurtag Kafka-Fragmente for vn&mezzo



G.Kurtag: Varga Balint Ligaturaja, B.Bartok: Contrasts, A.Bax: Trio,

L.v.Beethoven: String Trios, W.A.Mozart: Kagelstadt Trio in Ef k.49


String Quartet 

G.Crumb Back Angel, A.Clyne Lady Flow’r, M.Gordon The Sad Park, L.Chadburn The Indistinguishables, J.TV Jesus is coming, J.Welshe saw it in a movie, A.Barnett-McIntsh none sitting resting, face to face at the time on the time, J.Hamilton New Work, Reminder, D.Lang Music for Gracious Living, C.Shaw:Entr'acte, 

M.Monk Stringsongs, K.Volans Dancers on a Plane, B.Bartok No.1 op.6, B.Britten No.1, L.Janacek No.1, C.Franck in D, E.Elgar in e op.83, M.Ravel, J.Brahms Op.51-2, F.Schubert D810, L.v.Beethoven op.18, op.130, op.132, J.Haydn op.77, op.20, H.Purcell Fantasias, F.Bridge Idyll No.1, J.S.Bach The Art of Fugue,



Arty Work with...

Klara Kofen on Film, Squib-box, ARCO, Neil Luck, Tom Service, Hatsune Miku/Vocaloid, National Portrait Gallery, Tate, V&A Museum, Musicity, nonclassical (all in London)


Improvisation with...

Adam de la Cour, Benedict Taylor, Christian Forshaw, Federico Reuben, Hyelim Kim, Neil Luck, Samuel Rice, Takeshi Matsumoto, Tom Jackson, Torbjorn Hultmark, Young In Hong


Performance Theatre 

Herakles (2015), Selected Poems (2016), Clubcb (2016), New Pro Oracles (2016), The Corpse in Context (2016), Screen Tests/Creative Reality Solutions (2017), Ritual (2017), Live Guy, Dead Guy (2017), Imaginary solution (2020) above all @ARCO

Hiroshima and Nagasaki / Michael Mears (2020), Heartbreaking Final / Tim Etchells (2021)

With Dancers

Anjali /Aya Kobayashi / UK, Will Tuckett / CHROMA / UK, Bittersuites / Phaedra / UK, Royal Opera House / CHROMA and Phaedra / UK, Double Septet / Maud Blandel / CH 

With Singers

Sara Kane/Venables:4.48 Psychosis (Violin doubling with Viola), Britten:

Turn of the Screw, Gluck:Philemon and Baucis, Arne:The Judgment of Paris, Sarieri:The School of Jealousy, Mozart:Requiem, Faure:Requiem, Verdi:Aida, Mascagni:Cavalleria Rusticana, 

Isouard:Cendrillon, J.S.Bach:Cantatas


Bigger Ensemble 

G.Aperghis: Babil and Champ-Contrechamp, J.Kalitake: Die Weber, H.Lachenmann: Schwankungen am Rand, Arcanto, S.Reich ​Double octet (for his 75 years Birthday), double sextet, P.Ablinger: points &views, K.Maratka: Melodictionnaire, G.Bryars: Jesus blood never failed me yet, B.Ferneyhough: Inconjunctions, M.Obst: Variazioni, G.Ligeti: Violin Concerto, D.Hudry: Nachtspiegel, B.Gander: Take Death! M.Grütter: Neues Werk für Orchester und Elektronik, M.Matalon: Spinning Lines (Part I) – für verstärkte Klarinette, Horn, Violine und Orchester, 

J.Francaix Octet, L.v.Beethoven Septet op.20, F.Schubert Oktett in F, O.Messiaen Quartet for the End of Time, A.Schoenberg Verklarte Nacht op.4