​Chihiro ONO


S.Reich + Dance in VD/CH

Live-performance / Lausanne @ 11.12.13 June 21

​as violinist

"kojo" from EP "​HachiRen" on Radios in LDN 

​Spring 2021

Resonance FM / BBC Radio 3 

The "Bomb Factory Artist's Film festival" presents my very first experimental film in LDN

Live-screening @ ​4/5 June 21

as Sounds artist and Co-director, share with Klara Kofen

The VR opera "Current, Rising" at ROH/LDN

​...open for public (longer and properly this time!) on the site

​on Viola as CHROMA ensemble

Gluck "La Corona" (1765) in LDN and OXON

18, 22 May 21

​Live + Online performance 

​on Violin as CHROMA ensemble

​My very first debut EP on a suite for Solo violin "HachiRen"- Out from nonclassical/LDN

Pre-release on 30 Mar 21

("kojo no tsuki' was published in 1901 on this day),

Out on 9 Apr 21

(Taki left Japan for his passion in 1901 on this day) 

​on Violin, sounds, mix and Paint on the album jacket as...GesamtKunstWerk artist (!?)

- 2021 is the 120 years anniversary on Taki's "kojo no tsuki" -