Born in Japan I, Chihiro Ono 小野智尋, am a Violinist and a Viola player, performing and broadcasting on stage and media across the world, trying to connect people and space by musical activities. 

I began my musical journey aged at 8 months, copying violin playing with two chopsticks before I could even walk.  My first name Chihiro's (智尋) meaning is "searching for wisdom". Since this chopsticks event, I am on my journey to discover things in this world, on this beloved planet. 

I passionately love nature and activities in creating, expressing, discovering things mentally and physically that related us and this world. I chose especially music as a tool for that activities, and to explore life, link people and places, and to open human beings' minds and abilities we have. Why music? Because music teaches us everything.

My repertoire ranges are Medieval, Baroque (on period instruments), Classical, Contemporary, Experimental Music/Theatre, Performing Art, Improvisation, Noise, and Sound Art. Also I feel strongly connected with Japanese traditional music, sounds and theatre. I am a pure Japanese after all.