Selection of MeetingPoint 2020.

Recital on Classico with Philip Mead (pf) in Cambridge/UK 

on violin @ 1 January 2020 

Concert on Modern as Apartment House in London 

on violin @ 1 February 2020 

Concert on Folky as CHROMA in UK

on violin et viola @ 12 March 2020

Performance on ??? as ARCO in UK

on any tools that makes noise/sounds @ May 2020

Performance "Digital Listening" as squib-box with Tom Service in UK

on violin @ June 2020

Concert on Beethoven Septet plus in CH

on violin/lead @ August 2020

Creation on ??? in CH

on violin/lead @ September 2020

Concert on Beethoven Triple Concerto in London/UK

on violin solo @ November 2020

Performance on ??? ARCO in UK

on any tools know! @ November 2020

...Beethoven Violin Concerto in this world!

on violin solo @ 2020 

​Chihiro ONO